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Any student interested in joining KDR should attend at least one of the following rush meetings:

2012 Spring Rush

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Golf Tournament

April 28, 2012 (Saturday) - 11:00 AM

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Homecoming 2012




KDR Fraternity at West Chester University

Homecoming 2006KDR Homecoming 2006 at WCU

Eta Beta is the West Chester University chapter of Kappa Delta Rho (KDR). We are an organization made up over 40 male West Chester University students.

The brothers of the Eta Beta Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho pride themselves in all aspects of college life including: scholastic, sporting, social, and philanthropic events. A college experience is horrible thing to waste. Join KDR!

The KDR fraternity at West Chester University is not your typical "frat". We are a tight brotherhood bonded by friendships that last a lifetime. You may hear the typical frat description: (party, drink lots of beer...), while KDR's do like to have our share of fun, our main focus is to improve ourselves, our fraternity, our school, and the community.

KDR at West Chester University plans haunted houses and carnivals for the children of the West Chester area community. The KDR brothers strive to be better men when they graduate college than a typical college male.

A KDR brother will experience so much more than a typical college male. The skills developed and acquired through being a part of KDR include (but are not limited to): communication skills, trust, working effectively with others, understanding the meaning of being a part of a "team", interaction with people from all different backgrounds and beliefs, time management skills, a gain of confidence, and the ability to "make things happen".

If this sounds like you or someone you know would like to be apart of see our: Join KDR section